Practice golf regularly to improve… Yes, but how?

Practice golf regularly to improve… Yes, but how?

Golf, like all sports, requires lots of training and long hours of practice. It requires effort, rigor and willpower in order to see progress.

Despite this great season, is it that you can't seem to get your score down and you're losing enjoyment of the game? Here are some tips to quickly improve your golf game, acquire good technique and become comfortable on the course.

Train regularly to play better

Do you want to be more accurate and efficient on the course? To become a good golfer, you will need to practice consistently and seriously. You should alternate between playing on the course and practicing effectively. To perform, you must groove your swing by hitting lots of balls in order to build a good swing, an automatic routine and consistency.

To achieve a perfect swing requires hours of work on your posture, your alignment, your body weight, the position of your hands and the pressure they exert on your club, learning to manage the speed of your club as well as its angle of attack on the ball.

Over time, increase the difficulty, practice using all the golf clubs in your bag, add different drills to your routine and perform all the shots you might have to play on a course such as low shots, high shots, full power, etc.

Work on your putting

It is impossible to play golf well without good putting! In fact, putting well is the best and fastest way to lower your score. To improve quickly, you must practice your putting assiduously so that you gain confidence in your stroke and can execute it without thought. Let it happen naturally. In an 18-hole round of golf, more than half the shots are putts and approaches!

Take golf lessons

To progress more quickly, no matter your level of skill, take lessons with a professional. Your mistakes can be corrected immediately and your posture revised before you fall into bad habits. A professional will advise you on how to adjust your shots and determine the right trajectory for your ball as well as how to read a green.

Investing in golf lessons, regularly practicing different exercises and working on your putting will undoubtedly help you improve.

At Summerlea Golf & Country Club

You will enjoy golfing and benefit from the advice of our associated professionals. To facilitate your play, we provide our members with excellent practice facilities, including several driving ranges and practice holes (unique in the area) and TWO practice greens for putting and chipping (where most clubs have only one).

We offer an enjoyable golf experience for players of all levels with two exceptional 18-hole courses from which to enjoy the incredible scenery.

Please contact us for more information on golf, lessons or membership options.

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