What are the Interclub competitions?

What are the Interclub competitions?

Do you love golf? Do you love to spend time on the greens with friends and family? Have you heard of the Interclub golf competitions? Would you like to participate in this event, but you don’t know exactly why it is all about or if you would like it?

Here is some information that can help you learn a little more about the Interclub competitions!

The Interclub competitions

A little history

This is one of the oldest tournaments in golf. The first competition dates back to the end of the 19th century, in 1876 to be exact, and it pitted the Royal Quebec Club (which won after 12 holes) against the Royal Montreal Club on the Cove Fields course (located in part on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City). This event was the catalyst for many similar competitions around the world including the first interprovincial tournament between the Royal Ottawa Club and the Royal Montreal Club.

Over time, more and more clubs were added, creating a real craze for the Interclubs, of which the Royal Montreal won the title 31 times. Currently, the large number of participating golf clubs makes it possible to arrange this competition by regional association, and then by section and group.

Les principaux usages

Each regional section, like the one in Montreal, is divided in two: men and women, then in categories of level of play: A, AA, B, seniors and juniors, and then in groups of 4 clubs. The annual competition takes place on fixed days predetermined for the season - match play games between the clubs of the same group.

In order to participate in an Interclub match, players must have amateur status, be members in good standing of their club and abide by the rules of their Regional Association.

Golfers must at all times honor the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie of these competitive events. They must therefore act as true Gentlemen and Ladies on and off the green to bring honour to their club.

Clubs hosting an Interclub match offer each of the participating teams the right to play in the competition and a preparatory round free of charge. In addition, they organize a friendly and relaxed reception at the end of the competition.

Why you might wish to participate on the Interclub team?

A golf club is like a second family, a second home, a community of players who love golf. It is a place to meet, socialize and bond with people who share the same passion for the game. But golf is also a competitive sport, so the Interclubs allow participants to measure themselves against others and proudly wear the colors of their club.

At Summerlea, we offer golfers the opportunity to represent our golf club by participating in Interclub (and other) competitions and thus discover an attractive golfing experience. Have fun playing golf and competing in friendly ways!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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