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Applications for membership must be sponsored and seconded by persons of the age of majority who have been members in good standing of the Club for at least two (2) years.


Completed requests for application forms shall be mailed to the Secretary of the Club who will promptly acknowledge receipt of it to sponsor and forward application to the Directors of the Club.


All applications must be completed in full detail otherwise they will not be considered by the Membership Committee and will be returned to the sponsor.


The Board of Directors must approve requests for application and admission will be governed by the existence of vacancies in the class for which application is made.


When the Directors approve an application and vacancies exist in the class for which application is made the name and other pertinent information with respect to the application will be posted on the main notice board of the Club for a period of ten days.  Such notice shall include the following preamble:
  “ The persons listed below have applied for membership in theClub.  This notice is given so that all members may have knowledge of those proposed for membership and may make in confidence to any or all members of the Board of Directors any representation they see fit against the admission of any such person or persons to membership in the Club.”


During the winter months when the Club is closed notification of whom it is proposed to elect to membership shall be given to all Senior, Five-Day and Corporate full members by mail.


If no representations are received within the stated period the names of those posted or advised will be submitted to the Board of Directors at its next or following meeting.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, however, election to membership is completely and solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Forms and information can be obtained on behalf of a prospective member by any Summerlea member of the age of majority who has been a member in good standing of the Club for at least two (2) years.